AutoSnapGene can be installed from PyPI:

$ pip install autosnapgene

You can check that the installation worked:

$ autosnapgene
Perform batch operations on SnapGene files...

Staden io_lib

If you want to be able to use AutoSnapGene to add sequencing traces to files, you also need to install io_lib from the Staden package. Specifically, the convert_traces command must be on your $PATH. This program is used to convert traces to the ZTR format used internally by SnapGene. If you’re using Linux, you can probably install Staden io_lib from your package manager:


$ sudo apt-get install staden-io-lib-utils


$ sudo dnf install staden-io_lib

Arch (via AUR):

$ git clone
$ cd staden-io_lib
$ makepkg -si

Otherwise, you’ll need to build Staden io_lib from its source code. Refer to the above link for the most up-to-date instructions.